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Mar 28, 2010 at 12:44 AM

the project looks like a zombie: downloads and bloginstructions and no answer, here.
are we(particularly german readers reading his blogs and articles and ccd) shamed by this next example of rw's cellartreasures ( actually an older one, long before EBC ) ? Somewhat to me is conceded.
months ago i tested a previous version for that it was made for: simply storing something.
it worked, it works.
even though it was only an educational explanation i use it as a tool.
I play with my not fully understood objectstructures or other experimental things and go tiered, but having saved them without complicated configurationfiles or orm and erm .
Next time i wake up they can be read waked up from simply saved files.
yes and the educationaly aspect is great, for my self and e.g. to show to the "incredible" partitioning of an aplication into projects or solutions, clean clear and evaluable(: and i'm allowed to do this too absolved by him)

this is to butter him up ? think he don't needs it. i need this ccd, not for sw-industry but for my intell. survive and against the dayly wtf.